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Champagne and French Kisses

I never thought my trip to Paris would involve dangling upside down while taking an Insta reel of a billionaire businessman.

But that’s exactly what happens when my friends dare me to introduce myself to Benoit Alaflamme, a thrill-seeking, overbearing, gorgeous hunk of a man taking measurements of Arc de Triomphe.

When he mistakes me for his social media manager and whisks me away in his limo, I’ve got no choice but to play along.

And then the misadventures of the extreme sports world begin.

I’m not cut out for this kind of thing; I’m scared of heights and have no experience with skydiving and freeclimbing. But I need the money, and Benoit is too intriguing to ignore. As we get closer, I realize there’s more to him than just adrenaline and stunts. He’s complicated, driven, and haunted by his past.

And I’m about to fall for a rich adrenaline junkie who’s emotionally unavailable.

My mama is going to kill me…

Champagne and French Kisses is a romantic comedy adventure with a fish-out-of-water Texan girl and a whole lot of mistaken identity. It is a standalone bubbly love story enjoyed as part of the Falling in Paris series. Voilà!