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“Never mind vet school, I might end up in jail for sticking this man’s head under a fur-fluffer before the day is out.”

Amelia can’t stand Rob Buckley. And yet, they’ve got to work together on the rigged hygiene inspection of the Dog’s Paw Dog Spa. Will she see what’s under the surface of this suave-yet-infuriating hunk of hygiene inspector?

At the Dog’s Paw Dog Spa, it’s not just the furballs getting up to shenanigans…

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I laughed out loud enough times that my husband asked me what I was reading. 😂

Jen, Happy Reader of Faking Christmas Love at the Doggy Spa


Let me lighten your load with some naughty puppies and puppy love at the Dog’s Paw Dog Spa in Colorado. They may cater to the furballs of the rich and famous, but those falling in love are true small-town sweethearts!