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Falling for French Kisses

The French tabloids call him “a gorgeous playboy with a chip on his shoulder”. I call him “boss”.

Freshest face in the city of love, don’t speak the language, and I can’t make an espresso to save my life… what was I thinking, stepping on that Paris-bound plane?


Olivier Dubois, entitled French billionaire and culinary playboy, is certainly not the forgiving type. So when I make a blunder at his restaurant which results in a debt the size of the Eiffel Tower, I can either pay up or I can cater to his crabby grandmother’s every whim.

Living with his Grandma gives me a chance to see another side of Olivier, and this side is someone I could fall for. But he is off-limits – not only is he my boss, he’s also engaged.

I absolutely cannot let myself get caught up in the longing looks Olivier casts my way every morning or the sight of his toastier-than-west-Texas self taking a midnight dip in the pool.

But it’s impossible to keep my distance when he opens his soul to me.

The city of love makes no promises. With a domineering grandma and a catty fiancée against us, happily ever feels as far away as small-town Texas.

Bridget Jones meets Emily in Paris in this fish-out-of-water, workplace, opposites attract romantic comedy. Enjoy the oh-la-la chemistry and swoony smooches that is all heart and humor, but no explicit content. The series can be read in any order, so grab Falling for French Kisses and fall for the city of romance!

More Romance in France is coming…
Book 1: Falling for French Kisses
Book 2: Enemies to French Kisses (May 2023)
Book 3: Caviar, Champagne, and French Kisses (June 2023)