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"PLEASE keep writing RomComs as this was a terrific book and can't wait for more."

Evelyn, Happy Reader of Hate to Love the Inspector

He’s a confident hygiene inspector. She’s a feisty dog groomer. When they’re forced to work on a rigged inspection of The Dog’s Paw Dog Spa, there’s more than puppy love growing…

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I might end up in jail for sticking this man’s head under a fur-fluffer before the day is out.

I thought things were moving along well with my job as a groomer of naughty puppies at the Dog’s Paw Dog Spa. I can handle the most troublesome of four-legged furballs, so it can’t be much harder to manage the male species of the two-legged variety, right?


Sure, things were a bit stressful with the upcoming entry exam for vet school, and my aunt who raised me hasn’t been doing well, but all of that was nothing compared to now.

Inspector Buckley waltzes into the Dog’s Paw Dog Spa and turns everything upside down.

If there ever was the perfect example of an arrogant, cocky, selfish hunk of man, it’s Inspector Buckley. He’s here to shut down the spa, and I’ve got to stop him.

But then again, there’s something stirring under that tough exterior, if only he would let it show a little more…

And if he does, what then?

Hate to Love the Inspector and the puppy antics of the Dog’s Paw Dog Spa will have you giggling and swooning. Because puppy love and puppies are one of the world’s greatest combinations!

Enjoy this happy ending with a dose of furball madness.

Grab it now! (Also in Kindle Unlimited)
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