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That Doggone Rock Star

It can’t be the love of my life. Tell me it’s not him… Quick, hide me in the kennels!

Years ago, he brought me out of my shell. Years ago, we bonded over rock and roll in England. Years ago he confessed his love…

And I turned him down. Oh, the regret!

Now Rodney is “Rod”, and a rock star. He’s more hunky heartthrob than the awkward boy I once knew. And he just showed up at my doggy spa with his crystal blue eyes, his annoying entourage, and a Rottweiler.

Is there any chance I can make this right? Or is this rock star too blinded by fame and pain to remember little Lizzie from the old days?

With a mashup of rock ‘n roll and sweet longing looks, it’s the Rottweiler who steals the limelight in this clean romantic comedy!