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Tripping into Puppy Love

*This book will feature in the RomCom collection “My Funny Valentine”, available for preorder for only 99 cents!

Who did I just trip my clumsy face into? The love of my life, that’s who.

The moment I fell (out of a tree) into his dreamy eyes, I knew it. I saw my future in front of me as he picked me up off the ground with his strong, drool-covered hands.

It might not sound romantic, but Tripp Lancaster was strolling with his pack of hounds—that’s my kind of guy. He makes me feel like I’m the only woman in the world, that destiny brought two easy-going, simple folks together.

Until I find out who he really is.

Tripp Lancaster is royalty in the dog world. I’m just Anne Marie, the new girl at the dog spa who holds the leash.

Now that I have to work for him on the dog show of the century, I swap between falling for him and wanting to smush his gorgeous, arrogant face into the food dish.

But when he shows me his soft side, I fall back under his spell.

Who is this man of my dreams? Will he open up to me for good, or am I just another pooch to him?