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That Doggone Rock Star is LIVE!


It’s out! It’s out!

As promised… That Doggone Rock Star is LAUNCHED!

And those who’ve submitted reviews are already making me blush:

  • “A FIVE STAR READ and one that had opened a whole new door to a wonderful author’s work for me”
  • “I found myself chuckling out loud”
  • “Loved the playful humor and sweet romance!”
  • “I loved Lizzie, Rod, and Lizzie the dog!”

Terri’s review made me giggle!

I sat down to read this one, figuring I’d have a couple jelly beans as a snack and read a few chapters before bed. Well the jelly beans are long gone, my pup put herself to bed, and it’s 1:12 AM and I’ve finished the book. It was so enjoyable that I just kept reading it.”

It seems there’s nothing else for me to say, except where you can grab the book. And if you’re a Kindle Unlimited type, it’s there for you, too!



Thanks to all of you who continue on this romcom journey with me! I hope you love the book ❤️


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