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How can I write books when my dog is sick?!

Greetings and GOODNESS it’s HOT in Marseille!

We do not have air conditioning. It just isn’t a ‘thing’ in our apartment. Most days I tell myself that this is my contribution to the environment.

Today, I’m wearing a wet towel as I type in a bathing suit in my office.

On top of that, my puppy dog (okay, nine-year-old golden retriever) has been unwell!!

My dog is not a complainer. She kept looking at me with these eyes, and that’s how I knew she wasn’t well. She hardly took her gaze off me.


^^ Bandaged from her blood test ^^

I don’t know what she ate/drank/breathed in, but we had to rush to Vet Emergency to get her checked. I was worried her stomach had flipped.

Thank heaven above, it hadn’t. It was a very bad gastric infection, involving X-rays, several types of medication, and a blood test.

But good news! As of today she was bounding around with her toy wanting to play tug of war before I’d even had my morning coffee.


Isn’t it amazing how much we can love these creatures?

The truth is I have hardly written a word this past week. Creativity was stalled so I did other book businessy stuff.

Now for more puppy cuddles…

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