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Summer heat. Books. One hot dog.

Greetings from the heat wave of France!

Oh yes, it is hot. But I’ll never be hotter than Missy. Poor thing.

We have plenty of tricks to keep her cool (swim in the sea, dunk her under the shower, make her sleep in our bedroom – the ONLY room that’s a bit cooler), but she still melts in the middle of the day.

I went to the sea the other day with my paddle board, and spent all my time in the water, just holding onto it because that was much more comfortable than being on it.

A man swam by and asked if I was okay, I reassured him that I was just enjoying the water. “Oh yes,” he said (in French), “that’s why I swim for three hours a day.”

I hadn’t considered that option, but I will now!

In other news, That Doggone Rock Star is coming along swimmingly. An English expat, a rock star, and a scaredy-Rottweiler. What a combo.

And I already know these characters well. In fact, I already wrote a book about them, which is Lizzie’s backstory of escaping to Italy to live out her dream… But we all know it never quite works out that way.

That story isn’t published, but maybe once this story is out there…

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