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Let me introduce you to the funniest author I know…

Hello from Marseille!

It’s been a joyfully chaotic week of launch, and I’m so touched by the reviews coming in on Just Friends at the Doggy Spa. Hooray, new book!

But today I want to introduce you to an author I adore. She’s not only hilarious, but she’s kind and helpful and generous. And one of those people who make you giggle-snort milk.

Laura Burton weaves tales of cheeky sweet heroines and hunky funny heroes.

Here’s what else I love about Laura – she does the cutest funny videos on TikTok. She isn’t afraid for a second to put herself out there, be a bit goofy, and have fun.

You can see her videos on TikTok here: https://www.tiktok.com/@lauraburtonauthor


And she’s just launched her next book, The Makeover Surprise!



Just check out how the description starts in the voice of Lucy, the heroine…

It’s always been comfort over fashion for me. But when my boss dangles a carrot in the shape of my very own column, I will do whatever she wants. Even if it means I have to swap my stretchy leggings and Uggs for a tight dress and pair of stilettos.

(I may or may not be wearing stretchy leggings and Uggs as I write this newsletter…)

I hope you love Laura and her writing!

As for me it’s the end of the weekend now, so time to snuggle up with the pup and read Just His Secretary by Donna Jefferies, which I’m really enjoying 🙂


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