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Tales of an extroverted writer and her trusty dog

Greetings from the beginning of summer in Marseille!

First off, my dog.

My darling, lovely, sweet, FURRY dog – a nine-year-old golden named Missy because when I named her she was the size of Big Mac. Missy seemed appropriate then.

Now she’s 65 pounds of fluffy love, and she’s still my Missy… but she got a little less fluffy today!


^^ Not a pine tree in sight, but leave it to a golden to find a pinecone…^^

Second off, (can you say ‘second off’?) I am knee-deep in writing……..


I just love these two lovebirds together!

She’s a peppy new girl with big dreams, and he’s a swanky dog training prodigy with a dream for a simpler life. In order to have a ‘normal’ relationship, he hides his celebrity status, but how long can he pull that off?… And will she overcome her insecurities (and two left feet) to let him love her?

This is going to be a full length novel, slow burn romance with plenty of giggles available in the 99c preorder of MY FUNNY VALENTINE. It’s now out on all platforms! While the launch is a while off, count on me for some sneak peeks 🙂

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