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Maybe I can actually do this author thing.

Greetings from WINDY Marseille!

I have to tell you, I am riding a wonderful natural high. (Disclaimer: I’m doing it silently since I’ve lost my voice a week ago and it’s still wandering out there somewhere, sheesh!)

After meeting 200 fellow authors last weekend, I heard so many stories, wonderfully motivating and inspiring of how authors went through challenges and came out on the other side.

As a hard-core optimist, it can be hard for me to admit that it’s OKAY to feel down sometimes. I’m fortunate to have the support of my husband and ever-enthusiastic golden retriever to get me through.

I honestly took this pic right now! 👇👇👇


^^ Are you telling the nice people how great I am? ^^

So… I did a thing. I signed up for a mentorship with a publishing company to better learn my craft and make sure that my stories are hitting all the notes that are singing in my head. It sure can be tough to take a story and recreate it into words on a page, and I know they can help.

I’m continuing my current books, but I’m also going to start a fresh series with the publishing mentor, and we’ll see what comes of that… I mean, I live in France with the French husband of my dreams, so I feel like there must be some inspiration in that!

How about you? What’s inspiring you these days?

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