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The joy of typing THE END

Greetings from Marseille!

I just got back from my writing getaway and had the glorious joy of typing those two magic words that make every writer sigh in relief…


This novella that will go in a collection of romantic comedies called “Fall into Love”, and right now you can preorder that collection for 99 cents!


It launches on May 1, so now my story is off to the editor to make is all shiny and nice for you.

My writing buddy, Kasia Lasinska, and I had a great time writing dawn til way-past-dusk, and then getting to see the French town of Tours when our fingers ached from the typing.

And we drank a lot of coffee.


^^ Café number 4 of the day ^^

Now back to that proofreading! Wishing you a great hump day…



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