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Vin chaud, mountains, and words.

Greetings from the mountain… again!

But this time is all a little different, since my husband threw his back out. He’s the skiier, I’m more the “apres-ski” type. How can I not love mulled wine and six different melted cheese dishes?

Except that with hubby stretched out on the sofa, I’ve become his vicarious enjoyment of the mountain. In practice, that means… I’m putting on skiis this afternoon.

If you don’t hear from me next week – send a search party!


^^ “Let me find the dirtiest pile of old snow to chew my giant stick…” ^^

I’ve had a tough week, to be honest. I’m a really positive person, I thrive on seeing the bright side, but I think the combination of not seeing my family in Canada in ages, and having extra pressure on the professional side has made everything feel a little heavier.

I’ll give the mountains credit – they may be COLD, but they are great for washing the mind of the daily struggles.

Fortunately, I can disappear into the world of the dog spa where happily ever after is guaranteed and the dogs get into all kinds of adorable trouble!

Now I must go muster the courage to hit the slopes, on my hubby’s behalf. At least I know the vin chaud will be waiting for me when I’m done!

Happy Sunday,


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