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Why do weddings and RomCom go so well together?


Greetings from Marseille!

Now that I’m no longer shivering in the mountains, I can say without hesitation that I am a terrible Canadian.

My mother emailed me to say that not only is Toronto a WHOLE lot colder, there’s a solid 3 feet of snow on her front step.

I am so grateful that snow on my front step is no longer my problem.

Now, before I even get started on the writing stuff, I need to know…

Do you like the graphic at the top?

Does it make this feel less personal, or is it cute? I did it because I thought it was sweet, but I receive some slimebally emails with headers… Can you hit “reply” and let me know if I should keep it or ditch it?

Good news! Just Friends at the Doggy Spa is now edited, baby, yeah!

I giggled while re-reading it (which isn’t always a good sign since my husband says I laugh loudest at my own jokes) but I honestly couldn’t stop wondering why it is that weddings are such a good set up for comedy?

Why not a promotion at work or the first airplane to cross the Atlantic… those just don’t have the same ring. If anyone knows a funny story about an airplane going across the Atlantic, I’m all ears.


^^ If that rescue boxer weren’t imaginary, I’d totally adopt him ^^


Now to feed the pup and try to kill this persistent fruit fly that keeps zipping across my face.

Have a great day!

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