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Sunday Funday

Hello from the mountains!

Fortunately, not for long.

As I type this, hubby is loading up the car (which alas will need to be replaced since the power steering literally JUST died on us) for our return to Marseille, sunshine, and no more snow.

Poor Missy will miss the snow. Here she is, digging for a snowball I threw.


^^ “It must be here somewhere…” ^^

Also – do you know BookBub? It’s a place where you can get super high quality books for free or super discounted. Head to Bookbub.com to sign up for goodies!

Authors have a profile on BookBub, and I recently had mine approved!

BookBub is totally free for you, and another chance to snatch up discounted/free books. If you read as much as I read, or even if budgets are just tight right now, this is a great way to find books by established and new authors.

On Bookbub, you can follow me (https://www.bookbub.com/profile/elsie-woods 😁) leave reviews for all books you’ve read, including Faking Christmas Love at the Doggy Spa and Hate to Love the Inspector.

Have a great Sunday, all, and I hope your car is running better than mine!

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