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When times are tough, I write funny books.

I've had a heck of a week, so darn it, I'm gonna write me some Rom-Com.

^^ Missy in her lion costume attacking Captainess America ^^

I like to laugh.

My friends and family (and unwitting neighbors) know that I love to laugh. I love to laugh long and hard and loud. Belly-hurting laugh. Face-cramping laugh. Wring-the-stress-out-of-everything laugh.

But I had a hard week. We all do.

I’m still thankful; everything that happened was frustrating, but nothing permanent happened. But I was feeling blue.

So I turned to my characters.

“Claire,” I said, “it’s your time to shine.”

And I hit publish. I wasn’t going to. I wasn’t sure I was ready. I was scared to toss Claire and Tom and Cornelius into the light (never mind Winky). What if people didn’t like them the way I do?

But I figured it’s their turn to tell their stories, and we’ll see what happens!

Fair reader, let me introduce you.

Faking Christmas Love at the Doggy Spa is up on Amazon now, or you can join Elsie’s corner and grab it for free!

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