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Skiing versus Books.

I know who wins.

Hello from Marseille! But not for long…

The French Hubby and I are off to the mountains, the southern Alps to be precise, where it’s not cold enough that I think I’m in Canada, but it is cold enough for snow.

For me, this is a great reason not to go.

However, there are a few benefits to my husband’s obsession with skiing:

  1. I get to have the ski apartment to myself to write like crazy! (So close to finishing Just Friends at the Doggy Spa)
  2. Sipping hot wine at the side of the ski slopes is one of skiing’s great pleasures.
  3. Missy LOVES THE SNOW.

^^Just look at this adorable picture of her, age 14 weeks, in the Canadian winter

Oh, I miss those days of toilet training a puppy in -100000 degree weather… NOT. But she was so darn cute.

Well friends, I must go pack my parka and wooly hat. This winter-hater is heading to the mountains…

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