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A sandy golden retriever πŸ• πŸ™ˆ

Greetings from Marseille!

No mountains anymore, we are fully back in beach mode, which – as you can see – Missy is not complaining about either. Water, sand, her ball… it’s a great day for this golden retriever!


^^ Yes, she will bring this sand home with her. ^^

So there’s this new-to-me movement of putting audiobooks on YouTube. I only just recently heard of this through some of my author networks.

Have you heard of this before? Wondering if it’s just that I’ve been out of the YouTube-loop, or whether this really is a new thing.

For example, my author friend Cindy has done just this. She asks that readers subscribe to her YouTube channel, and she offers her audiobook for free!

Can a fake marriage save their careers? Or will their feelings turn everything real? If you enjoy fake marriages, sports romance, and small town sweet romance, then you’ll love this book.


CLICK HERE TO LISTENΒ (yes, completely free)

Interesting, right?

Producing audiobooks is SUPER expensive, and out of the range of most new authors, like yours truly. But if they can be uploaded to YouTube, that removes a huge technological expense, and could make audiobooks more widely available (they’re also pricey to buy, if you haven’t looked into it before).

Anyhow, if YouTube audiobooks interest you, let me know and I’ll fish among my author friends to see who else has this going.

That’s it from me this freebie Sunday, other than to say I’m taking the bull by the horns and am on a healthy eating gig for a little while… which really means that I’m pretty hungry right now…

Happy remaining weekend hours!


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