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“Love, love, love…” in books and furballs…

Greetings from Marseille!

My French hubby says that Valentine’s Day is a made-up North American thing. I tell him he has to buy me chocolates anyway. Then he grumbles away… but comes back proud with a bouquet of flowers.

We’ll see if he pulls that off again this year!

I can completely understand why people don’t go for the whole Valentine’s Day thing. There are many good reasons why it’s a wonky kind of not-quite-holiday.

However, it is great fodder for romantic comedy!

…and I’m already plotting my next book… *maniacal laugh*

In truth though, these are the things I’m loving this Valentine’s:

  1. My crazy French hubby and all his weirdness
  2. My fluffy 9-year-old golden retriever
  3. Cheese.

I can’t believe that I’m only 4 days away from launching Just Friends at the Doggy Spa – I can’t wait to hear what you think of the story!

It’ll be available on Kindle Unlimited, if you like that kind of thing 🙂

Alright, I admit it. I’m tired. That’s half because at half-past midnight when I told Missy it was time to “do her business” and let me go to bed, this is what she did. For a VERY long time.


^^ I just need to scratch my back for ten more minutes ^^

Have a great day! *yawn*


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