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A Valentine’s boo-boo

Greetings from rainy Marseille this Valentine’s Day!

So my French hubby is a non-believer in Valentine’s Day. I don’t mind – it’s a complicated kind of ‘holiday’. He grumbles around, but he always gets me flowers (the potted kind – if only I had a greener thumb!)

This year I woke up to find these on my desk. Love you, French hubby!


Now about that boo-boo…

I was all set with Just Friends at the Doggy Spa. I went into Amazon to confirm the manuscript and hit PUBLISH! And I did!… and then Amazon said…. “Congratulations! Your paperback is launching! Your ebook will launch on February 17th!”

February 17th??? Um, that’s not what I planned…

Seems I missed some Amazon fine print that included 3 days of review of books put up on preorder *sigh*

The good news is that the paperback launched yesterday in time for me to show it to my Mom, as yesterday was her birthday and I dedicated the book to her. Happy birthday, Mom! Sorry Canada is always so cold on your birthday!

And it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without an appearance from Missy! Someone got up to trouble when I left my almost-empty yogurt bowl on the coffee table… You can watch the video here 🙂


And now I’ve got to go twiddle my thumbs as I wait until February 17th for Just Friends at the Doggy Spa to launch… Patience, they say, patience…

Sending RomCom love your way!


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