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Cold Weather and Preorder Time!

Greetings from the Alps!

Yes, I am freezing my hiney off (I also had to look up how to spell “hiney”) in the southern Alps but the good news is I’ve finished writing “Just Friends at the Doggy Spa”! (Cue cheers!)



I love this story. I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do – but I love weddings and this book revolves around a (very dysfunctional) wedding so I’ve been in writing heaven!

I make very little off of this preorder, but I want to reward you for staying on this journey with me. (Note it’ll also be in Kindle Unlimited)

I’m hoping that if you enjoy the book, you will leave a review – as reviews are the lifeblood of new authors like me. They say to expect one review per thousand people who read the book (!!!) but maybe you can help me beat that ratio…


I mentioned in my last email that French Hubby and I were going to the mountains, and that the dog has the best time while I suck perpetually on hot chocolate. All of this is true.

Finally, if you have never seen a golden retriever lying in the snow like it’s a wintertime beach, you’ve been “Missy-ing” out (oh, that was a bad pun!) but here she is, living the time of her life.


^^ “I’ll get up for a treat. Nothing else.” ^^

Now to get “Just Friends” ready to launch in mid-February!

Stay well, fair reader…

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